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Window Replacement Cost Calculator

Our window replacement cost calculator is a simple and easy way to find pricing on window replacements. All you need to do is answer six simple questions, which our calculator uses to determine highly accurate industry standard price listings. That includes a variety of combinations of window frames, styles, level of product materials and installation methods. It only takes a moment to enter in the right information for your project and even less time to get a helpful cost estimate.

Cost Calculator Basics

A lot of valuable time has been put into perfecting the quality of this pricing calculator. How it works is through a formula that requires the frame material as well as style of the window to begin the pricing calculation. Between frame and style choices, you can get up to 40 different combinations and the calculator can give you a rather accurate window price as a result. By choosing among various degrees of product quality, our calculator can determine different levels or grades of merchandise in its calculations.

To establish a base price for your installation, you need the install method that will be needed for your project. From there, the numbers of windows is added to the baseline calculation of window pricing and installation options and we then give you a highly accurate result online.

Window Replacement Options

Choose between aluminum, composite, fiberglass, vinyl or wood for the frame type data portion of the calculation. Next, you will need the style or window type to continue. Your preferred style type (awnings, bays or bows, casements, double hungs, sliders, single hungs or tilt turns) will be found among the options. Then, further data is required such as window series and product pricing. This gives you three choices of varying ranges or levels (entry, mid or high-end).

The next simple step requires you to enter your installation needs, which should be among four options (inserts, standard, historic home and full-frame). Lastly, choose the numbers of windows you will need. The pricing will vary depending on the zip code, but you will quickly see a highly accurate estimate from our window replacement cost calculator thanks to your simple information input.

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